"Hi, I'm Scott Carpenter...a Christian man, a hot rodder, hands on gear head and owner of ScoCar. Like me, you are extremely busy so here's what distinguishes me among a crowded field of marketing, creative and media personnel." 

Iím Available When You Need Me (24/7):  SEMA has over 400 member advertising and media organizations.  How many are really available nights, weekends or when YOU need them?  Iím available 24/7 to my ClientsÖNO kidding!

Thereís No Better Teacher Than Experience:  Over 25 years of valuable, roll up your sleeves, hands on experience producing exceptional results. I've grown companies of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to huge multi-million dollar manufacturers. Iíve worked with leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry like Paxton Products, Granatelli Motor Sports, Vortech Engineering, Magnuson Products, Mast Motorsports, and SEMA to name a few. My first job was an internship with Paxton Products in Santa Monica, CA when I was in high school. My mentor was the late great Joe Granatelli, Sr. promoter of STP, chief mechanic of the Granatelli Indy 500 racing team, creator of Tune-Up Masters and owner of Paxton Products.

Iím An Honest Look In The Mirror:  Trust me for an honest viewpoint.  No one has all the answers but I will tell you, respectfully and tastefully, straight up and how it is.  You guessed it, I'm NOT a "YES" man.  Of course, everyone has an opinion so Iíll do one better:  Iíll suggest workable solutions you can really use. 

I Reinvest In Myself and The Future:  As much as Iíve learned thereís always much more to know.  Iím constantly reading and searching for whatís next, the newest technologies and ground breaking solutions.  Itís the only way I know to stay ahead of the curve.

I Know The Lingo:  I understand how a car actually works and Iím a hands on gear head who attends car shows, races and car club events in my spare time.  You wonít have to spend valuable time getting me up to speed on the basics of what you do.  I also understand the industry from the inside out: from distribution methods to sales reps, from media relations to getting valuable exposure for your business, from trade shows to consumer events.

Iím Extremely Passionate, Motivated and Efficient:  I do what I love and love what I doÖand it shows.  I know what needs to be done without having to be constantly reminded or told.  I provide you with regular updates via e-mail, text, phone or online project management. 

Iíve Got Your Back:  To many, you are probably just a paycheck.  To me, you are my lifeblood.  Over 90% of my business comes from referrals so I have a vested interest in ensuring your business succeeds.  I operate and view things from a business owner ďforest through the treesĒ perspective.  My philosophy is the relentless pursuit of success and that's why I pour 150% of myself into every project. 

Iíve Got Great, Creative Ideas:  I am idea manÖI learned from one of the best while working with the Racing Granatelli family.  Great ideas are everywhere and I constantly think outside the box and look toward the fringes.  Many of my ideas have yielded great results for my Clients (a few have even been patented).  No matter what your product or service is, my fresh ideas can help you take your business to the next level of success.

I Work With Your Staff To Achieve A Common Goal There is no I in team.  As such, I work with your internal team to produce exceptional results that grow your business.

I'll Work With You I don't charge ten prices for my services...I charge fair and reasonable rates with flexible payment options.